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So, since Faintest is turning out to be four long parts as opposed to one really long part, it's going to take longer to post. So, to tide over anyone who is still reading out there, have some fic bits from future stories. Beware, spoilers ahead.

From Faintest of Sparks, part 1 )


From A Journey Begins, 13 a )


From The Winding Road Ahead )


Glory's Fading Marks )


From Sleeping with Ghosts: It's Written )

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Proof that I am, indeed, writing chapter 11. And 12, 13, 14, and epilogue. It's been oh, more than a year since an update, but the semester is winding down and I am getting back to the point where I can actually write something not academic.

So, if you don't want to be spoiled....turn away now.

Chapter 11 fic bit, pt. 1 )

Chap. 11, fic bit 2 )

And a sneak-peek of the once and final end of this story which has taken me three, possibly four years to write:
epi )
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So, these scenes are taken from what was the original ending chapter of Lullaby, a chapter which was to occur after the end of the War of the Ring. Um, you can clearly see things have changed since 2003.

These scenes are modified, since the story was modified. A lot of things changed from my original outline (Eluialeth and Tirnion, for example, were never planned) and the length of the story arc is certainly one of them.

Scenes from Match )
Scenes from To Make A Beginning )


For the humor:

Once I Was: Arriving: Cut Scene )
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Again, my "I feel really bad because I won't be able to write anything by a term paper for the next week" offering.

Here are two, very small, SPOILER! bits of Haldir-Morwen interaction from two future stories.

Now, this two are very disjointed, but you can see the outline that is starting to form:

One thing to note:
When I use “888” instead of “***” it means later on in the same scene.

Part I )
Scene II, from as-yet-untitled Helm's Deep piece, where book and movie collide )
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As I said, SPOILER! fic bits. I'll try to post these at least once daily unti I write again.

Miles to Go, part 1-ish )

And, small bit from another "Miles to Go" story in the Miles to Go future:
MTG ? )
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As it will be at least a week before I can write, much less post, again (term paper due next week and have I started it? Heck, my thesis statement essay is due for, and I'm still messing around and not writing it) I want to do another..spolier-ish/unfinished story etc posting.

This time though, I ask what you want:

*There are the very disjointed parts of Darkness and Diamonds which, if I posted, would be posted with every last bit I have, which is not much, but will still give you an idea of what's ahead.

*There are the unfinished parts of the first Miles to Go story.

*There's what was to be the very last chapter of Lullaby before I re-hauled the whole series. This selection will still, in all likelihood, be the last chapter of the series of Morwen in Arda. It's a bit more complete as someone..::coughs::Jouri::coughs:: has already read it.

*There are two small Haldir-Morwen parts, one from Know Thyself and one from an as yet-untitled part concerning the aftermath of Helm's Deep (where book and movie verse merge).

So, any or all of those. Just let me know. I'll post the first on thursday.
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Right, so, having little time to myself while I was at writing was done. Feeling like a horrible cad, I give a small bit of a peace offereing..sort of.

As it is quite well known, I don't write anything above PG-13. Why? Well, anything out of that is far out of my comfort zone and I am not good, at all, at PWP or smut in general. Just, really, not my area.

That being said, many have asked, wondered, pleaded, for Morwen and Glorfindel beyond their simple and subtle ways.

This is my unfinished, not-html-coded, SPOILER-ish, attempt at such a thing.

Still subtle though, because that's their style.

Way out of my comfort zone.

But here it is; in its unfinished glory. [ profile] fire_shrew has read a draft of this and assured me it was not a scracth your eyes out horror, but I believe she was a bit tired at that time.


Who: Morwen and Glorfindel
What: Unfinished spoiler-ish sort of "sex" scene. Again, subtle.
When: Sometime in the Fourth Age
Where: Aman
Why: Um, well, you see, when an elf and another elf love each other very much..
How: Um, that's not my job to tell you, you should already know unless you are far too young to view such things.

Also, if you read the spoiler scene for Paper Tigers( Here) (once, "Friends Close, Enemies Closer," Title changed) some of this will make sense to you. Darkness and Diamonds will explain more of the "Huh, but when did they...huh?" Bit.

Again, unfinished, subtle, spoiler-ish, going into subtle R-rated writing land,
Here )
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A reward for a hard working friend.

Here be a draft of scene one of a story set a LONG time into the future.

If you do not wish to be spoiled something serious...then do not read this, or any of the other drafts, appearing for "Miles to Go" until it's time for that story to appear. You have been warned. And remember, it's never as simple a future as in seems for the way has been paved without a lot of bumps in history's road that have not yet been seen.

Also, here be typos and no html.

Spoliers, spoliers, spoily, spoily, spoilers )
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...because I haven't updated in a long time and still won't for about another week, I bring you a scene from "Friends Close, Enemies Closer" (which might be re-named) I wrote a month or so ago. It's not very long, there's not much to it, and it probably has some spoilers, but it's here if you want to read it.

A pinprick... )
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