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2015-10-08 06:43 pm

Legend, Lore, and Lullabies Story List

Disclaimer: Everything below is fanfiction. No ownership by me is claimed, it's all in good fun. Everything belongs to the wonderful world of Tolkien and co.
Most stories are for the Teen crowd and up; any beyond that will be marked and posted with clear warnings. Use your common sense when working on the internet. Heed warnings and if you're not old enough or supposed to read it: don't.

Legend, Lore, and Lullabies Event Timeline.

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2011-02-09 11:37 pm

Fic: Respite

Author: [ profile] rivlee

Title: Respite

Series: Legend, Lore, and Lullabies

Age: Third Age

Place: Imladris

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairing: Elrond, Glorfindel, Morwn. Glorfindel/OFC.

Summary:Everyone needs a time to rest.

A/N: Unbeated.

A Moment's Peace )
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2010-08-07 10:17 pm

Sleeping with Ghosts no. 4: The Draft Version

Since [ profile] red_ajah demanded a draft at the very least upon reading of my re-haul on a lotr fic once again, here it is below. I just am getting so frustrated with myself. I want to write, have plans to, get pretty far, and then just hit a wall every single time.

Therefore, to prove that no, I was not lying about the whole writing bit, here's an unfinished draft version of the next "Sleeping with Ghosts" story:

Draft, unfinished, unbeated etc )
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2009-12-31 10:02 pm

The Parting Glass

Wee tiny ficlet (~550 words) about a year ending in Lindon, the Second Age

The Parting Glass )
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2009-12-22 12:56 am

O'er All the Weary World

Winter Fic 2009

O'er All the Weary World

Glorfindel and the Wandering Company during the Harsh Winter.

The World in Solmen Stillness Lay )
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2009-10-31 02:32 pm

Remembrance of Things Past

For all new readers to this long and winding and yes, still in-progress arc, I say welcome! Also, I direct you to a story written in 2007 and cleaned up and re-posted this year:

Under The Hunter's Moon. It was my harvest-themed story for this world, and still one of my favorites for this arc.

There is another harvest-themed story coming this week. I meant it to be posted for the Autumunal, and then Halloween, and now, since many of the traditions are set-in Bonfire Night practices, Nov. 5th. Who knows, it might get up before the night's end. Strange things happen on Halloween.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween, doing whatever makes you happy and scares you only in the good way. Sometimes that heart-rushing moment of fear can lead to some very good things. ;)

I just want to thank everyone who has every read, commented, dropped an e-mail, linked or enjoyed these stories. They are full of original characters and I know that can be difficult for people to embrace in fanfic, but I have recieved so many nice words from people who connect with these stories, and their characters, and while it is taking me years to finish it, every single time I see that someone is still reading it and reading it for the first time, it brings this huge smile to my face. And also lets me know I am not insane for wanting to finish it one day.

Here's to hoping moer stories coming with the passing of the year. Watch out for all those ghosts and goblins tonight. You never quite know who is hiding behind that mask.
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2009-10-03 11:31 pm

Fic Bits==Full of Spoilers

So, since Faintest is turning out to be four long parts as opposed to one really long part, it's going to take longer to post. So, to tide over anyone who is still reading out there, have some fic bits from future stories. Beware, spoilers ahead.

From Faintest of Sparks, part 1 )


From A Journey Begins, 13 a )


From The Winding Road Ahead )


Glory's Fading Marks )


From Sleeping with Ghosts: It's Written )

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2009-09-19 07:29 pm

A Gift Fic

This is a birthday fic for [ profile] red_ajah who first asked for Ecthelion/his parents/elves of Aman etc. and I had to be all, "Um, no, sorry, that's coming in the next major fic to be posted." Then she asked for Arwen or Elladan/Rian and I did not want to be "Um, but that's all coming in the future stories, so no," so I decided to shut my mouth and do what she wanted b/c she is awesome and deserves it. She seriously keeps me going with this when I am ready to just delete it all and go away from the fic world. And also, did I mention she is awesome?

This fic is more about Elladan, but it is meant to convey how Elladan needs Rian so he can continue on and function. Elladan and Rian are not two characters I write a lot about or even write a lot from their viewpoints anymore so this small story was a bit of a challenge, but also allowed me to revisit them.

Below there are spoliers for the future story, Darkness and Diamonds and for the end of A Journey Begins.

[ profile] red_ajah, I hope you enjoy this and if you do not, the Ecthelion fic is coming very soon. I am also sorry this got posted so late. ::hugs::

Title: Fighting to Be Warm
Fandom: Tolkien Verse
Rating: PG-13
Arc: Legend, Lore and Lullabies
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, Rian
Pairing: Elladan/Rian
Warnings: References to violence.

Fighting to Be Warm )
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2009-09-06 01:14 am

A Journey Begins, Chapter 12 C

Well, it took four posts, but chapter 12 is finally finished. The Faintest of Sparks should follow next alogn with Beneath the Harvest Moon and then we shall have the first part of Chapter 13.

Now, on to Chapter 12, Part C.


Chapter 12, Part C )

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2009-08-19 11:13 pm
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2009-07-26 11:48 pm

Five Kisses

The fluff goes on!

Here be cliches, m/m and m/f relationships and SPOILERS for future stories.

Five Kisses )
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2009-07-26 05:41 pm

Once I Was: Symbolism

This is short. And it is pure fluff. And there is not really a plot. But other bits of fandom have been making me sadface lately, so I wrote fluffy happy things. Expect more of this in the coming weeks.

Once I Was, Story Eleven: Symbolism )

And if anyone wants to throw me some prompts for ficlets, don't hesitate to drop a comment below.
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2009-04-21 10:42 pm

A Journey Begins, Chapter 12a, Part One

Let's not even talk about how long this took to post. Yeah. Sorry, Life will eventually be less crazy and full of things which do not let me creative. Really long chapter though. Alas, only Mirkwood elves this time around.
Chapter 11, Part 2

A Journey Begins...Chapter 12a, Part One )
chapter 12a, part two
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2009-01-25 12:22 am

Songs for the Pure and Free

Inspired by the song/poem "The Minstrel Boy," this is my birthday present to myself. A story I've been eager to complete for over a year, well, I finished the first story and what I think will be a five story cycle. This differs greatly from most of my other writing, but damn it, I like it.

Songs for the Pure and Free )
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2009-01-04 08:26 pm

Leg, Lore, and Lull Drabble

20-min-Drabble-ish bit done to get myself back into writing. Takes place in the Second Age, sometime after my story Pride and Peace.

Time of the Ancient Mariner )
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2008-09-08 12:50 pm
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2008-01-30 10:21 pm

Words of a Sermon, Part 4.1

So, this is the first half. Still working on the second. I wanted something done before the month's end. Timeline is a bit iffy, but I will have it smoothed out before all the stories are posted.

Part 4.1 )