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Disclaimer: Everything below is fanfiction. No ownership by me is claimed, it's all in good fun. Everything belongs to the wonderful world of Tolkien and co.
Most stories are for the Teen crowd and up; any beyond that will be marked and posted with clear warnings. Use your common sense when working on the internet. Heed warnings and if you're not old enough or supposed to read it: don't.

Legend, Lore, and Lullabies Event Timeline.

There are a lot of stories in this series, a lot, in fact, I will probably be old and decrepit and still writing this series. These are the planned stories so far. Also, look out on lj for little teases or "missing scenes"

The stories go in this timeline:

Pre-Third Age

Series: Anamnesis

Three stories so far.

A set of individual stories taking place in the First Age in Gondolin.


Series: To Make Much Of Time

Elrond, Glorfindel, Erestor and a few of our other favorite elves in the Second Age.

One story so far.

Third Age and Beyond Stories

Story:Words of a Sermon No One Will Hear

Title from the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"

Four events in the story arc told from Elrohir's perspective. Complete.


Series: Sleeping With Ghosts

Title from the Placebo song.

From TA 2510 on. The lives of those in Aman as they wait for their loved ones to sail from Arda or to be re-born.

Three stories so far.


Series: Future to Unfold

Title from Imogen Heap's song "Candlelight."

A series of one-shots in the life of Tirnion of Greenwood/Mirkwood.

Two stories so far.


1) Series: Once I Was is an in progress story showing random moments from the childhood of Elladan, Elrohir, Morwen, Thalion, and Rian. This story will probably never end and is not essential in order to read the other stories, just cute fluff. *Title from the Tim Buckley song.

Eleven stories so far.


2) Lullaby of Love. Complete. TA 279-TA 2510.

3) Mourning Song. Complete. TA 2510.

4) Frost on Glass. Complete. TA 2764, but with flashbacks.

5) Arcana. Complete. TA 2790 to 2850.

6) Game and Set. Complete. TA 2851-2930.

7) Loss and Hope. Complete. TA 2933-2940.

8) A Journey Begins. In Progess. TA 2940-42. Pre-During-and-Post-The Hobbit events.

10) Darkness and Diamonds. not written yet. TA 2951. *Title from Death of a Salesman

11) Paper Tigers. not written yet. TA 2953-56.

12) Know Thyself. not written yet. TA 2957-2980.

13) The Guest. not written yet. TA 3002.

14) The Cycle. not written yet. TA 3007. Deaths and Births.

15) Hunters and Hunted. not written yet. TA 3009-3017.

16)Match not written yet. TA 3018-3019. War of the Ring events.

17) Green Again. Eryn Lasgalen.

18) Grace of Innocence. From Elrohir's pov.

19) To Make an End. Events after the War of the Ring, up to TA 3021/SR 1421.

*Title from T.S. Eliot.

20) To Make a Beginning.The events of To Make An End as told from the perspectives of Glorfindel, Elrohir, and Morwen. Set in both Aman and Arda.

*Title from T.S. Eliot.

21) The End Is Where We Start From. In Aman. *Title from T.S. Eliot.

22) Begin the Begin In Aman. It begins again. *Title from R.E.M.

Fourth Age and Beyond:

Series: Miles to Go

*Title from Robert Frost's Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Because it never ends. Set of one-shots, possibly series, knowing me a whole other story arc in and of itself.


Series: Loose Pages

Various stories with no place in the many series of the story arc. Four stories so far:

1. Bad Day

2. Under the Hunter's Moon

3. Deep and Crisp and Even

4. To Breathe a Sigh or Two

5. Time of the Anicent Mariner

6. Songs for the Pure and Free

7. Five Kisses

8. Fighting To Be Warm


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